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Strata Co-op is always looking for ways to assist property owners with looking after and maintaining their most valuable investment both today and into the future.

Specialising in Strata and Body Corporate Management, Strata Co-op has a proud history of providing efficient and cost-effective strata management solutions that are specific to the needs of each scheme and tailored to suit the special requirements of the Owners Corporation.


Rich Experience

We bring over 15 years of experience in managing all facets of Strata & Community Title properties.

Industry Experts

With expertise in residential and commercial properties, we can provide you with an integrated approach.

Complex Business Solutions

We can offer a complete range of services and can cover all your requirements.

100% Result Guarantee

Whether it is residential or mixed-use, we will look after your most valuable asset, your investment and home.

We Offer Complete Range Of Services

Strata Co-Op

Our Services

Budgeting and Reporting

Strata Co-op uses industry designed software to ensure efficient management of the finances, budgets, expenditure, and levies of the schemes.

Building Insurances

We understand that it is especially important that insuring strata properties is done correctly. Making sure that your building is insured properly on your behalf is a priority for us.

Levy Payments

We know how to recover overdue levies cost-effectively to ensure the Owners Corporation always has funds available to manage and maintain their scheme.

Professional Advice

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of strata managers can provide advice on a wide range of subjects and ensure the legal obligations of our client’s strata scheme are met.

Repairs & Maintenance

Strata Co-op is focused on providing a professional service that is based on proactive maintenance whilst reducing operating costs and boosting the value of your asset.

Accounts Management

Our highly trained team can provide a wide range of accounting services that are required by law to ensure that the financial compliance of our client’s scheme is maintained.

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We offer tailored strata management services to meet your needs.

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